Friday, 25 December 2009

Yay! We got to open the presents today. So many boxes, and treats. We want to say a big thank you to Carolyn-täti and Al-setä who sent us some really yummy treats which we are not allowed to eat all at once (which is mean). And they sent some lovely little mousies which I have been chasing around - and even Stran-veli was playing with them. Everyone has had a really lovely Christmas and Äiti was very touched by everything her friends here in Finland and in Britain have given her.
Aila-sisko and I did have to sort out who was going to open the presents, and we had to share. I should have been allowed to open more but know when it is appropriate to be diplomatic. And it also meant I could sit in some boxes while she fussed around.
This is a nice new climbing thing for us - it goes on a door and is a bit wobbly as Äiti must fix it firmly. She says she will move it upstairs so I expect Tuomo-veli will use it as his watchtower.
And here I am catching another toy form my British friends. You can see my elegance and grace, and lovely tummy fur (which was not combed today as it was Christmas).
And I like this photo even if Stran-veli looks like he is being rude to me with his tongue. He has such sweet breath now - and next week will have to have his teeth cleaned. It will be really nice when we wash each other then.


The Creek Cats said...

What an awesome cat tree!! Looks like you guys had a great Catmas!

Carolyn said...

I love the action shot - what a great hunter (and what amazing fluff!)