Thursday, 17 December 2009

It is so frustrating that I must ask Äiti when I want to blog. It is demeaning for a royal kitty cat of my standing, but she has put Paw Controls on the computer because she doesn't like me taking 75 screenshots at a time. This is not fair and I can only let my faithful readers know what is happening when she lets me. And she is not at the computer so much now she has this iPhone thing. It makes a good noise when I drop it to the floor and it skids along.
As you can see I have nearly mastered 'CTRL ALT DEL' but this apparently will do nothing in to the computer so I may have to try other tactics.
I also have been biting the diabolical comb (and you can see how strong my teeth are), but then I got trapped for a cuddle. I do not mind cuddles, but in private moments when the camera is not there. I am not one for the paparazzi or showing off.
I have been wanting to blog about Tuomo-veli and Stran-veli. Both of them had excellent test results so we have been celebrating. Tuomo-veli has a very good thyroid so when he cahses Aila-sisko he is simply doing it for fun, wanting to play even if she squeals like a total girly and says he is being nasty.
And Stran-veli has very good results considering this nasty illness he has had from the streets of Bristol, which means he has to be careful with bacteria and viruses. His stinky breath is caused by poor teeth which need to be cleaned after Christmas. Äiti is giving him medicine at the moment, which of course he takes without any fuss because he is so easy-going. Apart from when he chases the laserpen, and ten no one wants to get in his way.


The Creek Cats said...

So great to see you, Punapippuri!! We are so happy that Stran-veli and Tuomo-veli had great test results!!! What a wonderful reason to celebrate.
Our kitty Rambler also contracted a nasty virus when he was a stray out on our mean streets. We are happy to say, he is in excellent health otherwise!

Carolyn said...

Will the Paw Controls stop you breaking Skype and silencing the microphone every time I try to speak to your Aiti?

Catio Tales said...

Pah! I have excellent computer skills and only disconnect Äiti when she has been talking too long and needs to feed us. I am completely innocent of these Skype crimes and disconnections.