Thursday, 24 December 2009

Hyvää, hauskaa joulua kaikille! We are having a truly international Christmas, spread over two days. Today we had extra munchies and Äiti let us play around all the presents under joulukuusi. I was busy guarding them. Aila-sisko was pretending to be a present but I do not think anyone would dare unwrap her.
She makes as strange squealing sound if anyone gets too close.
I was also outside hiding in the snow. We have had lots of it and Äiti says perhaps we can go for a walk tomorrow but I think I want to stay inside and eat lots of turkey, and play with all the presents I have been sent. We open them tomorrow as this is the Britcat tradition, and I have had to be extra patient to follow this, and not tear open all the yummy packages. And also to stop the others doing so - here Harris-veli needed a close eye on him as he was getting closer and closer to the catnip carrot.

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