Sunday, 20 December 2009

Äiti says she has one more day at work and then she can stay and play with us. I hope so because I am seriously unhappy with the amount of attention we are getting. Yesterday she lest us at 7am to go to work - and it was Saturday! As you can see I have had to be amusing myself in all sorts of ways.
Stran-veli's breath is so much sweeter now, and he is taking his tablets so calmly. Just like me with the medicine I have for my naughty patella. Actually, it is very tasty so just like a treat for me. I am a little bit stiff which might just be the fact it is so cold outside, but I am generally walking in a beautiful way, and can chase Äiti up the stairs when it is bedtime (or when I think she is going to the computer so I can blog).

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The Creek Cats said...

So glad to hear Stran-veli istking his tablet calmly! We are also glad to hear you are walking beautifully, Punapippuri!

With the cooler weather, we've noticed Maggie May is not as active as she usually is. She is spending a lot of time laying on the heating pad on the big bed. Cold weather must really be hard on naughty patellas!