Monday, 16 November 2009

Yesterday I ventured deep into the northern snows, and made sure all was well in my kingdom. It may sound strange but it was too warm to be outside, and very soon my paw fur was wet with melted snow, and I dashed back in.
Unfortunately, once inside I realised Äiti had grand plans that we should pose for the dreaded 'Christmas photograph'. In common with many families, we all hate this posing for a cheesy-chocolate-box-merry-Christmas picture, and Aila-sisko and I did our best to destroy the accessories. Äiti gave up when she realised I just was not going to look cute with blue tinsel wrapped around me.
Why she can't just be satisifed with a snowy tree picture, I do not know.
Today however she stayed at home with us as her fever was high, so Tuomo-veli and I made sure she was nice and warm in bed. We also both did very well with our training: my training started a couple of days ago and I am of course a star pupil.- I think it is a little bit strange that I have to touch something with my nose before I hear a click and get a treat- the touching and clicking are a waste of time and I should just get the treat. Tuomo-veli says he gets a bit bored with it after a while but he's been following his 'target' around the room before getting the treat. We do wonder if Stran-veli will have to do the training.....

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The Creek Cats said...

Oh but you guys do look so cute in the tinsel!! Very adorable!

Hope Aiti feels better very soon!