Sunday, 29 November 2009

Yesterday Äiti went to buy us our car. She drove one but decided it was too small, even though it was the same size as her car back in England, she said the family has grown and there would not be room for all our food. So she has a bigger one, and collects it on Wednesday. We hope she will come home via the woods and lakes and get us some nice food to celebrate.We have all been relaxing, and there have been no more fights as Äiti bought some more magic Feliway. Even Harris-veli sat out all evening on a chair, instead of hiding.
Tuomo-veli is chilling on the bed. We have had an exciting morning as Äiti has been putting lights up everywhere. We are all very sad that it is so dark and there is no snow, and this has made us a bit miserable. It is very important in the Finnish winter to stay happy and cope with the long hours of darkness.
Here I am making sure I get enough vitamin D (more fresh lohi would help this too!), and I am by the sun lamp. It makes my fur so golden, and I can dream of the long summer nights lying on the balcony with no cares or worries. Today however will not be so bad because I saw Äiti pop a chicken in a roasting bag for us. I wonder what she is making for herself ?