Sunday, 22 November 2009

We have had a very busy week with having to look after Äiti, then instructing some nice builders to put in a new back door properly, and now dealing with Äiti again as she is not very happy. She has just sold the old home of the Britcats (who want to have a little bit of a celebration - even though it was their home they are happy to have a new home here). However
Äiti is not celebrating because the nasty solicitor (I do not understand who this person is or what job he does - and funny because Äiti says he does not work anyway) - well he hasn't given her the money, and he has disappeared. She says he will probably be back tomorrow but she is still not very happy as she was going to look for cars this weekend. We need a car because it has to carry all our food and toys, and Oulu buses are not big enough for such things. So we have been being nice to Äiti and trying to play. Tuomo-veli got this a bit wrong and tried to kiss her face and then decided he wanted to play instead, and ended up sinking his teeth into her cheek and scratching her nose. There was blood everywhere, but luckily it was just the surface of her nose opened up, and you would have to look really hard to see that there are four little teeth marks on her face. So she wasn't so happy after that. After that we think it is best if we all keep a low profile for the rest of the day.

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The Creek Cats said...

Oh noes! We are so sorry to hear about this nasty solicitor guy and poor Aiti's face....again!