Sunday, 1 November 2009

We have had a happy Halloween with lots of hiding and pouncing out on each other. I was of course the bravest, and chose the scariest places to lie in wait before biffing out with my paws and claws of steel.
Tuomo-veli and Aila-sisko made it all very noisy with a loud game of chase. He managed to squish her into a corner in the kitchen, righht behind the microwave. Luckily he could not get the door open or I think he would have locked her in the cooker and left her to go 'ping'. This is of course not very nice, but I am sure Aila-sisko must have said something to upset him. Again.
Äiti was not so well yesterday so spent most of the day in bed with a headache. I of course tried to make her better with catupuncture. It must have worked because she did get up to feed us and make many cups of tea. Today she has been cleaning (and about time too - our facilities needed a thorough polish), and then she was dozing on the sofa. Tuomo-veli muscled in and had a long tummy tickle while lying on his back. He is really very soft sometimes.
Äiti was tickling my tummy earlier and noticed a fur tangle, so out came the scissors and before I could skilfully swipe them away, my precious belly fluff was trimmed a little. She then gave me a special treat - a chewy tablet which is to make me big and strong and flexible, and help my naughty patella stay in place. Now my patella has not been naughty recently so I am not sure why I have to have this tablet, but decided not to argue with Äiti in case the scissors appeared again. I might cooperate and take it each day, or I might not!


Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Sounds like a brilliant tie was had by all... Hugs GJ xx

The Creek Cats said...

You are so cute in the first picture!! So glad to hear you are taking your patella tablets. Maggie May gets her every morning, she just doesn't know it. I sneak it into her food. Shhh....don't tell her!