Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Things are good here ! Äiti has sorted out the problems with the nasty thief man in England and we now think she has enough money to keep us in lohi and poro and top class food for at least a year. We also think she should buy us fresh organic catnip each eek, special delivery from England. And perhaps fresh cat litter everytime we use our facilities. This is not much to ask - afterall we have had to put up with her being moody over the weekend and this is simple compensation.And in fact, maybe she could get us fresh live robins and bullfinches (punarinta & punatlkku) instead of the dead things on this Christmas decoration. And I still am not posing for a card.


Catnapped said...

That is great news ! Hope you get lots of poro and other things. And maybe Äiti has now money to buy a car to bring you even more food and toys.

The Creek Cats said...

Yay!! So glad to hear things have worked out!!

Carolyn said...

You do look very sweet with the wreath and birds there. Would it *really* take much more effort to actually look at the camera?

Bramble really enjoyed chasing the robin you sent - I've not seen her that excited for ages! Only chance she will have of catching a bird! ;)