Monday, 30 November 2009

I thought it was time Stran-veli had a picture. Today Harris-veli tried to get a head snuggle from him and Stran let him for a few minutes - he is so kind! And Harris-veli had a lovely long tickle from Äiti - shich he did not really want but Äiti wants the scaredy Britcat brothers to relax. Lewis-veli is enjoying his daily tickle and comb, but still hides away.
I had a very traumatic experience when Äiti put some gunky stuff on my paw. I did protest and run around, but it tasted nice, and sticky. It is apparently very good for me, and will make me 'regular'. Now I object to this - I am very regular. Every day I wake Äiti before breakfast time, I routinely bite her toes and feet, and I always play and do lots of sleeping. She says 'not that sort of regular' and says it is to do with litter tray visits. I can confirm I visit it often, but she thinks not often enough. Aparrently the paste is cat malt and it will help me. I will make sure I wake Äiti at 4am tomorrow to tell her how I am.

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The Creek Cats said...

Oh yes, we know that sticky paste well! Some of us enjoy the flavor and some of us don't.