Friday, 27 November 2009

I have been trying to blog for a few days but Äiti has not been on her computer much. She has this tiny little phone thing which she is using more, and she has also been busy working and going to suomen kieli kurssi. She did have a nice long skype chat today with Carolyn-täti so I tired to blog then, but she got upset as I turned off the microphone and crashed skype. I made it up by peering very cutely into the webcam, and showing my beautiful fluffy bottom several times too.
It is in fact a time of darkness and we are eagerly awaiting the snow, so there is some brightness outside. Even though we do sleep for 23 hours each day, it would be nice to see daylight when we do get up. Here we are by a window trying to see into the garden as perhaps there might be visiting birds to brighten the winter gloom.
Of course I have been keeping myself in lean shape by exercising - but I did not want o expose the royal tummy fur to the camera. I am still suspicious that I will appear on a Christmas card, even though a parcel has arrived containing all copies of this year's offering - and it does not show me but rather one of my wonderful family, looking festive but still dignified.
Unlike Aila-sisko here who is letting everyone see her belly. She and Tuomo-veli had another fight today and it was not fun at all for anyone. He was very moody, and this was after his training with the clicker and a pile of turkey. I also had some training, and I quite like the clicky noise and snack I get. Only I am not quite sure why Äiti makes the click noise when I rub my nose on a silly little ball. Still, I am humouring her.


Carolyn said...

Lovely pictures! I'd love to snuggle that fluffy white Aila belly!

Anonymous said...

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Cats That Look Like Hitler?