Tuesday, 17 November 2009

A fantastic parcel arrived today, which smelt so good!
Now Äiti has said that the contents are for Christmas, and they are not all for us - some things are to be given as presents to our friends here. I am not so sure about this, and want to very carefully decide if any of these lovely things are going to leave my kingdom.
After all, some of them are very healthy vegetables, and we need to eat all our vegetables in order to grow to be big and strong. The rest are cigars, and I know that Stran-veli and I will need to have those in our long discussions late at night.
However Stran-veli does not look like he is able to discuss very much at the moment.
(Äiti's note: this is the best quality catnip I have found, and the company Catnip Toys, UK give excellent service and rates. The rest of the parcel is safely stored , wrapped up, in the fridge!).


Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Oh my that looks like alot of fun to me..Mum will have to check out that site for sure.. Hugs GJ x

The Creek Cats said...

Fun fun fun!! The store sounds great!

Catnapped said...

Looks like good stuff :)

We were shown a new catnip apple but it disappeared :( The humans are only talking about something like Christmas.

greetings, Aada