Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Diplomatic relations between Aila-sisko and Tuomo-veli took a bit of a tumble again this morning and there was another fight before breakfast. Tuomo-veli had not been happy that we had been locked out of the bedroom (thanks to another paws and claws leg attack, voi ei). But I am not sure quite who said what but Aila-sisko ended up cornered in the kitchen sink, and Tuomo-veli had water tipped over him by Äiti before he walked away. The growling and shrieking and screaming could probably have been heard from Muhos! And unfortunately we all got a little bit scared and someone (who shall remain nameless) had a little accident on the kitchen floor because they were so scared. Actually it was a big accident, which was even worse.
All this was before Äiti had had her morning cup of tea, so she was not happy either, and left for work worried about how much fur she would find thrown across the floor when she got home later. But all was in fact calm, and in fact Tuomo-veli and Aila-sisko can co-exist in quite a relaxed way when they want to!
So, I am trying to deal with many complex things here by keeping the peace in my kingdom! We have racial differences - we have to accept that Finncats and Britmogs are in fact different. We have different miaows/miaut; we have a different heritage and background. And maybe we Finncats have to understand that our family grew up with carpets and bath tubs and weird things like that. And of course they were flown here to civilisation, and this could have been traumatic. But despite such deep psychological differences, they do have to integrate with us, and ralise we are in fact we are a very welcoming, warm race. Even if Tuomo-veli can be a grumpy suomalainen mies. And of course there is a gender difference and to be honest girl cats are quite hard to understand. Sometimes I really want to be friendly to a girl cat, other times they are just stinky little moody princesses, so it is hard to know what to do.
Äiti is making sure that Tuomo-veli and Aila-sisko get lots of tickles and cuddles separately, and that they both see each other getting attention. This results in looks being directed between them which would be nasty enough to melt steel, but Äiti is firm that we must be treated fairly and learn to live together. She is also careful to look for 'symptoms' just in case something is actually wrong. But she does say that sometimes she'd just like to leave them in a room to sort it out once and for all, but that won't happen. I think I shall try to teach them to play 'paper scissors stone' and see if that will help.......

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Maggie May said...

Hey, we think paper, sissors, stone is a fabulous idea! We have issues like that here at our house sometimes. Ferris likes to attack our girl, Chevelle. They are getting better though.
We are sending peaceful vibes to your Finnish kingdom, Punapippuri!
Maggie May and The Creek Cats