Saturday, 14 November 2009

Äiti is feeling a bit feverish and achy - she says it is not this 'sikainfluenssa' but she doesn't feel well enough to polish the floors and food bowls (nothing unusual there). However she has managed to clean our litter trays to some level of satisfaction and sweep the floors.
She was not very pleased with me - again! Why is it that I can never do anything right. These must be the troubles and torments of being a teenager. Life is not easy.
She was unhappy that I had attacked Ahvenanmaa again. In fact, this time my blitz extended to most of the southwest of Finland (but not Vaasa as I know Äiti has a friend there with two lovely boycats who gave me nice hirvi once). Äiti is making noises about how I should not be attacking Finland, and must live in peace with everyone. I do not know what she means, afterall this is only the second time I have ripped the routsinkielinen saaret off the map - and now she thinks I have a grudge. Okay, I also destroy Ikea bags and boxes, and refuse to understand phrases that include the letter 'å', but that does not mean I have anything against Sweden or Swedish things. Honest!.

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Sirpa said...

Get well soon, Karin!
My emäntä is also sneezing. Sitä on liikkeellä. Cats will make people feeling better. :) Kollo