Saturday, 24 October 2009

Well, Äiti was so worried about us she gave us a good evening. It began with some quality time for Tuomo-veli and myself. We went hunting!

We were allowed out onto the balcony which has become a feeding place for feathered creatures who are small and sneaky enough to fly through the mesh, swoop on the seeds Äiti leaves there and stuff their little stomachs. These are talitiainen and in the video you can see me catching one, only he was especially skilled, had greased his feathers so they were slippery, and he of course had much luck, and got away (Äiti's note: all hunting activities were strictly monitored and there was no danger of any birds actually being caught!).
And then, after we were tired and cold from our excursion, we had a fine feast of Mr Purrkin's famous catnip cigars! These are full of some seriously mood altering 'nip and are to be highly recommended. Äiti smuggled a load through customs last Christmas and we are hoping she will do so again. Stran-veli can't wait to get it out of the wrapper....
And Harris-veli's toes are stretching in ecstasy (he really should keep his claws a bit shorter!).
The rest of us took our turn, and by the end of it Tuomo-veli and Aila-sisko managed to stay in the same room together In fact, and this is a Big Achievement, Äiti managed to get her first ever '6 catter' photograph - all of us in the same frame! Well, you have to believe that Lewis-veli is there, but this is indeed a family photo.
But enough of such things, I need to go and find that cigar as it helped me see lots of pink mousies which were running around on the ceiling and I need to chase them all over again.


Karen Jo said...

That must be some seriously good nip. That was some good bird catching action, but those little fellows are just too slippery to hold on to.

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

I had mum bigify so I could see you all together.. Great shot and nice to see you all.. Hugs GJ x

The Creek Cats said...

We love your awesome cat tree! Our mom got us a new large cat tree last night. We will post about it next week.

We've never had a cat nip cigar before, but looks like lots of fun!

Catnapped said...

We, the mighty Catnipped... eeh Catnapped Girls want to thank Aunt Karin for the excellent care and catnip supply during last week. Can you take us with you permanently ? Our people don't play with us anymore that much since they spend all their time in Facebook :(

And Aada has lost her favourite "vippa". For which we think that the people living in here are to be blamed also.

It is nice to see all your six cats together. Surely you can take three more ?

Catio Tales said...

No Girl Cats will be allowed here - unless of course it is that lovely little cutie tortie Maggie May.... I have smelt Äiti's socks after she has visited you, the Catnapped Girls, and am not happy that there are Girl Cat smells on her feet. However, maybe we can do a swap - if you come and stay can Aila-sisko go to your house ?