Saturday, 24 October 2009

Thank you all for your kind greetings and comments about how gorgeous I was as pentu, and still am :) I had a great anniversary and made sure I played lots and lots with all the toys. This is just as well as yesterday I woke up and Äiti had been tidying again. And the worst thing was that she had been to visit the cardboard recycling place and I have no boxes. But I have seen through a crack in the cupboard door some very nice boxes saved just for me!
We have actually had a stressful time, and Lewis-veli in particular is very upset. This does not take much, but he hid all day in the bedroom he was so worried. Tuomo-veli and Aila-sisko have had two very loud nasty arguments. Yesterday Äiti had to remove part of a claw-shed from Tuomo's head fur, and today Aila has a scratch down her nose. The things they have been calling each other are not very nice, although personally I do not think 'farm boy' is much of an insult. And I am not sure what 'Bristol chav' means.Äiti is trying hard to make them make peace but this is not easy. If she gives tickles to one and the other finds out, there is so much jealousy. She has been spraying the chill out potion 'feliway' everywhere and Tuomo was relaxed until Aila looked at him this morning, and then it was a mad dash up the stairs again. Stran-veli and I just sat poking out heads round the bannister hoping we were not going to get trodden on. Stran says Tuomo must realise he has to act as if Aila is top cat, just to shut her up, even if he doesn't believe it! After all, we all know who does rule this place......

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