Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Life is very boring again as Äiti is off to work, and even worse is staying out some evenings to go to a Finnish class. I could teach her everything she needs to know if only she would listen: ruoka, kana, kala jne..
So we are spending a lot of time sleeping as she is not entertaining us, and it is no surprise when she actually is at home and wanting to sleep, that we are playful and 'demanding'.
Tuomo-veli has been amusing himself with yoga, and more ninja attacks on Aila-sisko. She, however, takes every opportunity to bash him when he is not expecting it.
Lewis-veli is hiding in his 'pod' all the time, but here was caught out when he went for a brief stroll to the litter boxes.
And of course I am always vigilant, and ready to pounce. This bag did contain a present Äiti bought for someone, but as it was a cuddly toy I of course knew it was for me (it was a big orange cat-ball), and so I began playing with it.
Äiti had to go to buy another present, and I didn't even get to see it this time. This I think was not fair as I should test all such things out.


Carolyn said...

You look like a baby kitten again in that first photo!

The Creek Cats said...

Hey cutie pie!! Looks like you guys are keeping busy!
Have you ever visited the Cat Blogosphere and put your blog link in Mister Linky??
Here is the URL:

The cat blogosphere is great for getting the news of the day!

Catnapped said...

Pikku-Puna, it's no rouka, it's ruoka :D

Your mother also knows some very important words like "paska" and "PRKL" and phrases like "Windows is paska". They not very useful to get lamb meat from Stockmann ...

Catio Tales said...

Pah! I knew that but my typing paws were tired.

And Äiti seems to always decide to to Ruotsi for lamb meat, and we never get to eat any of that !