Tuesday, 20 October 2009

It is so nice not to worry about my naughty patella and I am indeed leaping around as an agile kitten. It is purely by coincidence here that I am lying in wait by the electricity - I am not getting myself recharged for another three hours of chasing.
But here I admit I am recharging with our favourite catnip apple. It is wonderful and I spent half an hour dribbling all over it. For some reason no one wants to share it with me: I cannot think why but at least I get to keep it all.
I did have to sleep later and here I am letting my curly bits breathe. I allowed myself to relax when I saw Äiti only had the camera in her hand and not the diabolical comb.


The Creek Cats said...

Oh my goodness! The first picture is just like Maggie May. That is what we call her "holding up the wall" pose!!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Beautiful pictures.. You are so lovely.. Hugs GJ xx