Monday, 5 October 2009

I love clean bed sheets. I've been chilling with Silver Tabby Toy while Äiti has gone hunting in the sleet and cold: we have a few centimetres of snow outside. I hope that she has harvested the catnip properly and it will be prepared for winter. I hope also that there is plenty in our food cupboard as we must prepare for the long nights and darkness. We do try to make the most of it, and by mid-December our body clocks are so confused we are regularly awake playing from midnight until 6am. Äiti must understand this before she moans about her need for sleep.


The Creek Cats said...

Sleet, cold and snow.... Oh my! We still have our air conditioner on here. We are not looking forward to the cold!

Stay warm, Punapippuri!

Catio Tales said...

It is very cosy in the sauna, and we only suffer when Äiti opens the door to go out hunting for us. I would love Maggie May to come and snuggle up to me in the sauna - we will not worry about the running outside in the snow to jump in the lake afterwards - that can be left to the humans.

What is an 'air conditioner' ? We have no need for such things in the Finnish forests (except maybe sometimes it would be good to have an air cleaner when Aila-sisko has been stinky in the litter tray).

The Creek Cats said...

Maggie May would love to snuggle with you in the sauna, especially as the weather turns cold here!!

Air conditioning is these holes in the floor that blow cold air into the house when it hot outside.