Saturday, 17 October 2009

I do love the simple things in life. Waking Äiti at 6am for breakfast and finding it's a day when she comes back to bed so we can have a lie in and I can wake her again later for cuddles. Today she was trying to read a book and Tuomo-veli and I were not so interested in this so we played our own games.

It has been snowing outside so everything is very bright.
Äiti is looking after some GIRL CATS this week so has a car to take food to them. I hope this means she will not neglect us in her duties and will use the car to bring us plenty of food and toys too. The Girl Cats have already sent me one present - a toy with a noisy little bell inside. it was quite nice playing with that at 3am the other morning. That reminds me, I have not seen it today and need to find it again so I can carry it up and down the stairs (dropping it makes a good louder sound). I wonder where I have left it? I am sure it was under the bed but cannot see it there any more.


Angel Ginger Jasper said...

I think someone could have hidded it.. He He Hugs GJ xx

Catio Tales said...

Yes I think so too especially as it reappeared this morning after Äiti had a nice long sleep. Well, except for me waking her up three times :)