Wednesday, 7 October 2009

Here Aila-sisko is practising her 'go away' look in case Tuomo-veli appears. They have been quite friendly recently - well, there have been no fights let us say.
And I have been enjoying the new table cloth in the kitchen. Of course it would be better if there were some food on it but we cannot have everything! And we did have some very nice white kala in our bowls. It was still warm from cooking and reminded me of my days hunting when I would grab big ahven from the lake and quickly gobble the tasty prey before it was even cold. Stran-veli says I have a big imagination and a tiny kitten could not catch a big fish, but I am King Kitty Cat of Finland North and I am sure that I have done these things as I am a brave royal man cat.

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The Creek Cats said...

Yes, you are a very King Kitty Cat of Finland North!

That is a very nice tablecloth, goes great with your furs!

Glad to hear Aila-sisko and Tuomo-veli have been friendly!