Friday, 16 October 2009

Ha! The new facilities have arrived and I have been busy inspecting and making sure they are fit for purpose. The lid ensures that I cannot flick litter everywhere so I shall have to make sure that I take plenty out between my paw pads. The mat under-paw as we step out is not quite soft enough, but I suppose this will have to do. Maybe Lewis-veli could spill a bit onto it - he can be good at that sometimes. Then Äiti has to wash it and might replace it with something more luxurious.
And of course the new litter tray arrived in a box which Tuomo-veli and I have been climbing all over. He is pleased because there is also the plastic packing strip which is his favourite.
Now all I need is a sauna and some catnip, and my day will be complete......

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Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Sounds like you have pretty much got it all sorted.. Good luck with the nip.. Hugs GJ xx