Friday, 9 October 2009

Friday afternoon chill out time!
And I have had a cuddle with Äiti. I lay on her purring away as I have felt a bit unhappy with my naughty patella. My leg is stiff and Äiti is looking for things she can buy here to add to my food to help my joints. She keeps grabbing my knee to check it, which is not so nice. But my naughty kneecap is in place okay when she feels it. But then still I limp a bit. And then it is better so I race around and jump - and then I limp some more.....I may have to have my leg checked soon, but it always behaves perfectly when I visit ystävämme eläinlääkäri so Äiti doesn't want a wasted visit there because I will magically get better as soon as I get in the car (although she likes chatting to ystävämme eläinlääkäri about things like English tea! Voi ei.).
And I must also say that the toilet situation is not sorted. Even though I watched Äiti order our new facilities from Saksa, they have not arrived yet and my royal motions are being passed without a lid! Stran-veli decided to join in today by very publicly squatting in the box-with-no-roof. He produced a very stinky package of which he was very proud. All Äiti did was scoop the poop and bag it up - no apology for our humiliation! Still, there are two nice five star toilets downstairs, and they have just had fresh clean litter - which will only last as long as it takes for me to log off and investigate.


The Creek Cats said...

We are so sorry about your naughty patella. We sure hope it is going to be ok. Maggie May no longer limps and I give her MSM and Cosequin for her joints. Maybe if you call the vet they could give you some suggestions for supplements in your area?
I really hope you feel better soon Punapippuri!!!
Oh, and we hope you new litter box gets delivered very soon!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Hope that poorly knee feels better soon. I hope you get a new litter tray as well. Love your pictures today.. Hugs GJ xx