Wednesday, 23 September 2009

Today is a day to celebrate! Firstly it is the adoption anniversary of our dearly missed Monty cat. I knew him for only a few days when I arrived but the Britcats talk about him with much admiration. Äiti still misses him and wishes he was around, but today is a day when we can remember him and all the fun he had. Äiti says everyone in England thought her mad when she took him for a walk on his leash - cats run free there but they also have terrible accidents. Monty must have had one when he was young as his ribs were deformed. Stran-veli calls him The Grumpy Git but he says it very fondly. Stran and Monty knew the life of the rough streets of Bristol, and I admire them a lot and am glad I never lived there!
And there is another reason to celebrate as it is one year since Maggie May, (a really cute little tortie who reads my blog) had her last surgery for her naughty patella. She has been better ever since and I am keeping my paws crossed this goes on (which in England means to wish someone luck - not like here in Finland, hehe).

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Maggie May said...

It's a great celebration day! I am sorry for the loss of Monty cat, but sounds like he had such a wonderful life after being rescued off the streets of Bristol. What a lucky cat he was!

Thank you so much for joining in my celebration, Punapippuri! You will be celebrating your one year after surgery anniversary before you know it! I would just love to travel to Finland and do all those lovely things with you. I've never caught a vole or shrew, but it sure does sound like fun!!
Maggie May