Saturday, 26 September 2009

No, no, no! Äiti has been so mean. She has taken away the big box. Luckily Lewis-veli was not hiding in it before she took it outside. But this is not good - we so loved it! She says we have a visitor tomorrow so the place must be tidy. I shall make sure that for all the fur she clears up I will leave double, all over the floor and sofa just to make a point! And she stil has not put a lid on my personal toilet. Pah!
While she was cleaning we did get to go outside and you can see the winds of autumn are blowing through my tail here. I am not put off by the wild weather - I am a hardy Finncat who can withstand such things. We Finncats have something called sisu which is not easily translated - resilience, toughness, endurance. We can be real mancats!

And here is my nightly routine at the end of a long day. Silver Tabby Toy is such wonderful company.


Angel Ginger Jasper said...

I can see you are a manly cat, and fearless too.. Hugs GJ xx

Kuovi said...

Poor Punapippuri... You still miss your mummy, don't you :( It's so sad that you lost her all too young... But it's nice to know that Silver Tabby Toy takes such good care of you :)

Catio Tales said...

Yes maybe now I am a year old and I feel the syksyy and see the ruska, I am remembering distant things about my mamma. But Äiti is a fairly good replacement- even if she does steal my boxes. Silver Tabby Toy is great too - and doesn't mind being bitten away :)