Wednesday, 16 September 2009

My apologies for the lack of blogging recently. I have been very busy playing and chasing and destroying my box. I am so enjoying running around and leaping up and down the stairs, just as I did before my naughty patella went for a wander. Äiti sighs every time I rush past her on the stairs, but she has to admit that one of the most rewarding sights of her day is watching our little cat bottoms dash down to the kitchen at 6am in the morning. And then we wait so patiently for her to stumble after us and eventually open up the food cupboard and fill our bowls.
Äiti was very proud to get an email from Raahenseudun Eläinsuojeluyhdistys asking if Tuomo-veli could be a calendar pin-up. Every year they raise money with some pictures of their cats, and also their stories. He already is on this year's calendar but they must think him so handsome that he is allowed to appear again. Now I am sure if I had come from eläinkoti, I would have had my very own calendar, with a different noble and dignified pose for every month (and Äiti says that one day this might happen). But I am also quite proud that my brother will be featured. And best of all, they want to print this blog address so that people can read about him. Well, maybe I will mention him from time to time, when I remember.

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The Creek Cats said...

Thats great news about your brother being a calendar cat!!

We are so glad to hear your naughty patella is behaving itself, Punapippuri! Our mom know the feeling your mom has seeing you dashing all around, it can be quite scary.