Wednesday, 2 September 2009

I have spent the day sulking. Äiti swept up my cardboard piles this morning so I had to dash over to the box to make many more - and I was so tired after my night of being abandoned and cold and hungry and lonely. I also had to take control of a very playful mouse which I discovered was under some of the cardboard piles, hiding from me.
Äiti said that she has received many compliments about my blog and how well I write. I told her that she is lucky I am so skilful in English (not many young cats are so educated and bilingual), and if I wrote suomeksi my blog would be even better and more interesting. Only out of sympathy to her I do not use my mother tongue because she still is a bit tyhmä and cannot understand Finnish. Just as long as she understands it when I loudly miaow 'ruoka' she'll be okay - for anything more complicated, the langauge of the claw might have to be used.


The Creek Cats said...

You are very awesome, Punapippuri! We only know English......

Rambler loves to shred his cardboard boxes, he makes a big mess!

Catio Tales said...

Boxes are there to be shredded! And when we need them to be replaced, they should be! Äiti says she doesn't need anymore boxes but what does she know!

I am so pleased you called me awesome. I have been telling my whole family what you think of me, and what a popular King Kitty Cat of Finland (North) I am and Stran-veli said something very odd: 'watch your head as you walk out the door -you might knock your head on the ceiling'. What does he mean?????