Thursday, 10 September 2009

I have had a great day so far. Äiti did leave us but came back early from hunting. I had a royal telegram from King Kitty Cat of Finland (South): it is good to keep these diplomatic ties going and I am grateful to him for his noble greetings.
Äiti gave me a new toy to chase and I was very generous and let Aila-sisko look at it before I hid it in my box.
And at tea time we had a lovely feast. Äiti must have been fishing in the lake because we had ahven, my favourite!! But not just hyvää fish: we also had chopped up kana, and a fresh dressing of catnip, from my very own crop.
There was a lot of competition for the best morsels and Stran-veli and I snuggled up to eat.I think somehow Stran-veli must have got the bowl with extra catnip in because he has run up and down the stairs three times and chased Aila around the bedroom. He is sitting giggling on the rug now. I am just going to finish off in a moment with a few biscuits and then it will be time to nibble toes and make sure Äiti knows how grateful I am.

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Carolyn said...

Happy birthday King Kitty Cat! Hope you have had lots of pampering and treats (it looks like you have!)