Thursday, 24 September 2009

I have had a fantastic time with a HUGE box. Äiti had a large parcel delivered (an exercise bike which gets in the way of our play area - why can't she just chase us instead?!). She has left the box for us, 'just for a day or so', so I have been busy hiding parts of it all over the place. There are many little piles under the sofa which it will take her a long time to discover.
It is nice now that Äiti does not have the car and cannot leave us to go and watch those things that can fly away. We get to spend more time with her! And I have been very good during the night - I waited until 5.45am before biting her leg today. Tuomo-veli was much more badly behaved - he wanted cuddles three times in the night which is really unusual for him. And today he has been very nasty to Aila-sisko - even I felt sorry for her. He chased her into the sauna and blocked the door so she was trapped. And when she is trapped she is very loud! Äiti has given them both cuddles and tried to speak to them so we all hope they have listened - until the next time!

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Carolyn said...

Box looks like lots of fun. More fun will be to try to sit on Aiti's lap when she is using the exercise bike! ;)