Friday, 11 September 2009

I had presents delivered last night! Äiti wouldn't let me blog about it yesterday as she said it was bed time and I was a tried little kitten! Pah! I was not tired - and I am not a kitten anymore. I am a big mature man cat. So I decided that I would destroy my box as I was not allowed on the PC.
And then I went on to tease Harris-veli who was very full of catnip.
But my present was hand delivered and I wish to thank the Catnapped Crew for their lovely munchies which Äiti has said we will have tonight. I was also very pleased it all came in a little box!
And I had to let Aila-sisko play too. She was quite funny leaping up to catch the feathers.
So I had a lovely day yesterday, and I slept really well as I was very tired.I still tried to wake Äiti early, and was a bit sad when she went out hunting again today. She came back early, but not with any food for us so I do not think she did very well. However she is firing up the sauna so I am looking forward to a nice warm snooze.


The Creek Cats said...

Oh boy, getting gifts is so much fun!!!

Enjoy your sauna!

Reese =^..^= said...

Those a really great presents.

Sirpa said...

Myöhästyneet synttärionnittelut!