Saturday, 12 September 2009

I finally let Aila-sisko play with my birthday present, and she loves it. She has used up her energy and so has given Tuomo-veli a break. So he now is frustrated and was quite mean to Lewis-veli who wouldn't hurt a fly but gets very easily spooked. Äiti was upset so I made sure I played with Tuomo-veli so he would be too tired to chase anyone. It is so hard keeping peace in this kingdom sometimes. Äiti knows it is natural that we cats will argue but she worries because the Britcats are all quite 'special' and fearful.
Lewis and Harris-veli will not even let Äiti tickle them if they are sitting on the sofa - they run away and only let her touch them if they are trapped in a corner, which is really sad as they miss out on lots of love and tickles. She says over time they have got more trusting, but I still wish they would discover her lap. Well, maybe not all the time because I will want it sometimes. A lot of the time in fact....

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Angel Ginger Jasper said...

So glad you can share.. Thats the best thing..

Hugs GJ xx