Thursday, 13 August 2009

We had another very boring day today. I wish Äiti would get her priorities right and stay home with us. Stran-veli says that if she did that then we would have no food as she has to go out to earn money to buy food. This is strange - can't she just go out hunting?
Still, I have been trying to keep occupied with sleeping, and here I am just waking up (and a little bit stiff).
I also have a new toy to play with. It is quite good to hug and bite. And it doesn't fight back (which is better than Tuomo-veli).
ANd here I am playing at being an alien. Äiti says I could appear on an English tv programme called Dr Who. I just think this is a good way to spook Aila-sisko.


Reese =^..^= said...

I think the box looks very fun. You know what they say, no work - no play.

The Creek Cats said...

Very cute pic of you putting the bitey on your toy!

Unknown said...

Hehehe - I think playing is important, and loud playing is really good fun at 4am. Boxes make such a great sound when they are bitten.