Thursday, 27 August 2009

Today I have been following the tradition of so many generations of Sons of Finland, and have been toiling in the fields, harvesting the fruits of our bountiful soil (as you can see from the dirty paw of honest labour). I have been supervising the gathering in of the kissanminttu, and ensuring the best leaves are stored for future use. Of course some of the crop had to be tested as we went along....
Stran-veli has been completely incapacitated by the high quality catnip we have grown and is snoring on the sofa. We must make sure that our food bowls are well-stocked tonight else Äiti will be woken by us demanding munchies at 2am.
Aila-sisko was after more fruits of the garden - here she is licking out a bowl of apple and raspberry 'crumble and custard'. This is an English speciality and custard is something that many a claw can be raised protecting - it is apparently a delicacy and bowls are closely guarded. As Aila-sisko is a Britcat, it seemed appropriate to let her reminisce about her home country and eat the custard in peace. She also was going to biff me if I came anywhere near her so it was best to keep away. Sometimes I have to use my natural sensitivity and diplomacy in these international matters.

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