Wednesday, 26 August 2009

I have finally managed to get some time to blog. As you may have seen my posts have been short which is a combination of being very busy (my duties as King Kitty Cat of Finland North are many) and Äiti not being around to supervise access to the PC. This should be entirely unnecessary but she says she doesn't want me on lots of cat chat lines and instant messaging because I am 'too young'. Hah! No way. And besides, I have to keep up with all my blog fans and their words of wisdom too.

Anyway, this video is for Maggie May (whom I must admit is a gorgeous little tortie who would be very welcome to the forests and lakes of Finland if she wanted to visit me), and for all the Creek Cats. I want to show them what progress I am making. I've not been running much but Äiti caught this little physics lesson (I like lasers very much) on camera. My naughty little patella has been getting much stronger, and staying in the right place. I do limp a little - in the morning or after a nice snooze, but my back legs are feeling stronger every day.
I am even strong enough to chase Aila-sisko sometimes, and Tuomo-veli plays with me every day, and that helps my muscles.
I am however not satisfied with the box situation. I came downstairs and saw with great joy what looked like a new box for me. Imagine the disappointment when I found it was the old one that was just 'fixed' with stinky tape! I did explore it but it was deeply dissatisfying, and now it will take ages to tear off the tape and distribute the rest of the cardboard. I think while Äiti is out I will empty the paper bin and make sure there are many tiny shreds placed in the corners of my kingdom.


The Creek Cats said...

Great video! Look at you go!
We are so glad to hear your naughty little patella is staying put and you are getting stronger everyday! That is fabulous news!!! Yay!

Unknown said...

Lovely video. What a talented dancer!