Tuesday, 18 August 2009

I have been a very busy cat - Äiti has been out during the day so I have made sure she has plenty to do by tearing up boxes and paper. She has come home to find what she has described as 'carnage' but I think is more like heaps of fun. Lots of little heaps, all over the house.
Tomorrow is Stran-veli's 'birthday' - he will have been with Äiti for 4 years. He does not say very much about his life before but it was not very nice for him.
This was the first picture Äiti took when she brought him home. He had been in eläinkoti in a tiny cage for about a month. The nice people at eläinkoti had taken him from living wild on the streets of a place called Southmead in Bristol. This is not a nice area as he had no home and was starving. Lots of other cats were also brought in to eläinkoti so they could find new homes. They also had an operation so they could not have baby cats , and have more wild and ill cats in this area where there were some very cruel people who did horrible things to the animals on the streets. There were some nice people who did feed the cats, but life was still very hard.
Stran-veli was very thin - about 3kg (I am 4kg now!). He ate THREE pouches of food every meal for a month because he was so afraid each meal would be the last one he would get. He was very kind and friendly and Äiti said she bought him home to join Lewis and Harris so maybe they could be more confident. They both love Stran-veli and he has helped them.
It is also very odd that his fur was so short! He was so badly fed that his poor body could not put energy into growing long fur. He quickly grew fatter and now has wonderful thick, long fur. He has been kind to everyone in our family: it is hard to imagine now but Aila-sisko played very sweetly with him, and they slept curled up together many times.
Our old, much missed friend Monty-cat also loved him and they showed each other a lot of respect - like only those cats who have lived on the street know how to!
Stran-veli came to eläinkoti blind in one eye, and not seeing perfectly in the other. No one knows why. After a couple of years he began to get headaches and Äiti decided he should have his blind eye removed.
As I know after an operation you do not feel so good, but after two days Stran-veli was much happier and had no headaches. He was also such a good boy he had his horrible lampshade removed because he did not scratch his stitches ever. His other eye is still not very good, but it has not got worse over the years.
When his eye was fixed, he also had a bullet taken out of his tummy. I hate to think of this but someone paskalainen v***** had shot him with an air gun. It may also be that he was blind because someone threw chemicals in his face. This makes me very upset and glad to be many kilometres from Bristol. I would not like it there.
Stran-veli was very happy to come to Finland but the cold weather made nasty bacteria and viruses attacked his lungs. The virus had been hiding there - it was another horrible thing from England. We also discovered that he is at least 10 years old, and now he takes things a little easier.
He still plays like a kitten and we all love him, and he loves us. He has never been mean- even when Tuomo-veli wants to play but doesn't ask very nicely! I hope he is with us for many, many more adoption anniversaries, and tomorrow I shall make sure Äiti picks the finest catnip from our crop for him. I think he would also like poro and lohi, and he will also share this with us as he is kind.


Angel Ginger Jasper said...

What truly terrible things that poor sweet pusscat went through, yet is still so good natured.. It made mum cry reading that.. Why must there be such bad people about in the world.. Thank you for telling us all about the lovely sweet one..

Hugs GJ xx

Reese =^..^= said...

Poor kitty. I'm sure glad the puddy has a lovely home now.

The Creek Cats said...

It makes us terribly sad to hear about his beginnings. We are so happy and thankful you took him in and have given him a wonderful, safe and loving home. He is surely a lucky mancat now!
It's so amazing how great his coat looks now compared to before!

~Maggie May and The Creek Cats~

Catio Tales said...

Thank you! Sadly Stran's story was not unique. What always amazes me is how friendly he is - he lies on his back with paws in the air - trusting everyone in the whole world.
Now he is a lovely huge fluffy, 'muscular' fur ball and plays with toys and the other cats. He is a bit shy of Tuomo, and I can see he's getting older too. This morning he decided he wanted breakfast so woke me up by jumping on the bed and chirruping. He then began purring - how can you refuse that ?! Tonight he'll get special birthday food :)

Sirpa said...

Veli Stran has a sad history. :( Lucky cat met your Äiti and now he has oma perhe. Myöhästyneet onnittelut veli Stran! :)

Carolyn said...

I'm a bit late, but happy anniversary Stran! xx