Sunday, 30 August 2009

I am back to my old self! When I can see Äiti might be wanting to settle to sleep I run onto the bed like I used to, like in the days before my patella was naughty. However Äiti has noticed my claws and teeth are sharper so our game of tickling has become quite risky for her. I do not mean to scratch and bite her, it is just so lovely to be able to play, and her arm just below the elbow is so tender and yummy! But she has found a way round it and here you can see me playing with my favourite cat toy. I know it is a silver tabby but I would never bite away at Lewis-veli like this! And it is good fun - especially whe I carry it around and drop it on the floor. Äiti has to pick it up and the fun begins all over again. But Äiti is happy because she doesn't get bitten -well, not as much!


Carolyn said...

I like the way you bite bite bite away at poor little tabby's ear (very noisily I must add) then lick it better at the end!

Catio Tales said...

Do you like the way I grind my teeth too ? Äiti hates it.
And Silver Tabby Toy tastes so nice and ends up really soggy afterwards.