Sunday, 30 August 2009

The box situation is still very unfortunate; as you can see from my expression, I have a great battle with this recycled affair. Why can't I have a nice new box to destroy?

I thought I could include some family photos. I have however decided to leave out Aila-sisko as she is a mean girl. Poor Tuomo-veli only has to walk into the room and she's staring at him, giving him her evil eye and beginning to whine. She then will pounce and poor Tuomo has to run away. Well, he's not really poor Tuomo as he is very strong and ninja-trained, as of course he has learnt from the best.
Stran-veli has enjoyed the catnip.
This has mellowed him sufficiently to share the chair with Harris-veli who utterly adores his big brother and tries to get close whenever he can.
And then of course there's Lewis-veli. Who isn't very sociable.....


The Creek Cats said...

Hi Friends! We really enjoyed the cute photos!!
Hope you are having a great weekend!

Catio Tales said...

Hi there!
I am indeed having a good weekend. But tell me how is that gorgeous little Maggie May doing?