Friday, 3 July 2009

Tuomo-veli has a lot of energy for an old man - this wrestling is getting to be a full time job. Here I have escaped for a quick breather and I have claimed 'his' bed. I have to report it did not last for long and soon we were rolling all over the floor again. I am even feeling sorry now for poor AIla-sisko who growls and moans every time Tuomo-veli goes within 1m of her: he says he wants to play but she doesn't understand this, and his idea of play is often a full anaerobic work out.
We have more visitors coming, Englannista.... Äiti is trying to clean and keeps telling us that if we continue to leave our fur in every imaginable place in the house she will shave us. I think this is a joke. At least I hope it is.


Carolyn said...

Make sure you behave when your visotors come - and don't try to steal their clothes!

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:

But it was very nice stealing your clothes and trying to hide them. Äiti doesn't like it - especially as her new favourite t-shirt has a hole in it, in a place which may have been where my teeth once were.