Monday, 27 July 2009

Today I was locked in prison all afternoon. I made sure there was a very big stinky message left in the litter tray to protest. I was quite upset because Äiti went to visit my birthplace, the Fields of Muhos. I was meant to go to visit the very kind, lovely people who found me when I was just a pikku pentu, but because of my naughty patella I could not go as I have to rest. This is sad because I wanted to show them what a lovely cat I am now and how proud I am that they helped me survive. I do not remember much about the time before that, and Äiti keeps asking me but all I know is that I turned up on the doorstep hungry and crying, and a man with strong, kind arms picked me up and gave me food. Then my journey to Oulu began. Äiti showed them pictures and tomorrow their granddaughter visits us here - she is mamma to Juuso, King Kitty Cat of Finland (South).
Yesterday I was let out of prison in the evening and found Tuomo-veli waiting. He tried to stop my blogging so I would have to play with him.
Aila-sisko once broke a laptop of Äiti's so she was not pleased when she saw this. But it did mean I could hide a little.
But he found me. Can you see my horrible bandage?! It is not even one single colour, but it is patched! This does not befit King Kitty Cat of Finland (North) and I wish Äiti would get me a better bandage. Maybe one in blue and white. She says no chance because it helps me walk properly and the bone inside might heal better. And maybe it is good protection, because of course Tuomo-veli caught me.
This is his idea of playing and he does not mean to hurt anyone, he just finds it hard to be gentle because he probably never played before. He is also from Muhos, but it took him 10 years to find his home here.
I am still very tired, and I wish Äiti would move over in the bed. Last night she took up so much space I had to sleep with my chin resting on her arm. Stran-veli says I am going soft but I am not ashamed. As long as Äiti does not post the video of me that shows me being a baby cat....

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Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Ah there is nothing wrong with you being a baby cat,,,
Hugs GJ xx