Wednesday, 22 July 2009

Thank you , Bramble & Treacle for your good wishes: I do not like the look of Nurse Orava and hope that here in Finland I will have gentle, tender care rather than rodents in gas masks wih bottles of nasty chemicals.
As you can read, I have made it upstairs to the computer to catch up with my loyal fans on my blog. I even managed to say hello to Carolyn-täti on webcam, and show her my new style of walking. However I have to admit (and I am not normally miserable) that it is hard work and I am glad Äiti is putting little ramps and steps up to my favourite seats. Often I walk across the room and then just stop because my naughty patella does not want to help me move. I am eating (especially tasty kinkku) and for those of you wondering about my visits to the litter box, that is a very private matter and not for the general public. However I am successful most of the time.
Äiti is giving me cuddles (even when sometimes I would rather just sleep) and I know that tomorrow I have to in the Box of Doom and go out in the stinky car to ystävämme eläinlääkäri for an operation. I shall be brave, or will try to be: afterall, I look at Stran-veli with his one eye and shot tummy, and think he must have been a hero cat to have coped with that. Even Aila-sisko is being kind to me. However I wish someone would tell Tuomo-veli that I don't really like being jumped on at the moment: for a 10 year old cat he certainly is a big playful lump of muscle.

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Anonymous said...

Pikku, we just read about you at the Cat Blogosphere and wanted to drop in and say hello. You have had an interesting life so far, and it sounds as though you'll have a good life from now on. We're sending healing vibes and purrayers for your bad patella...