Monday, 20 July 2009

It's Stran here, blogging away as Punapippuri is lying down and not walking much. He is having more problems with his knee and this is leading to a few misses in the litter box department, which he's really upset about and does not want me to blog - but he can't stop me as he can't get up the stairs to the computer. He went to the vet today (I could hear him yelling from inside the car), and came back with stories of fierce, loud dogs and scary machines, and Äiti says he has to have an operation on Thursday to help keep his kneecap in place. So hopefully this will mean extra meaty treats for us all to help him heal. He's an unhappy little chap right now so we are doing our best to cheer him up.

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Maggie May said...

We will be thinking of you tomorrow, Punapippuri!! Hugs and headbutts from Maggie May and her Creek Cat siblings!