Wednesday, 29 July 2009

I have spent more time resting, which was necessary after Äiti put even more bandage on my leg! Just because some blue chewy stitches were showing. I had been ignoring them and I promise I was only pulling at the bandage, but she does not seem to trust me. She tried to make amends by giving me more poached fish but I do not like to eat the same food twice in a row.
As you can see my tactics with the bed are working well, and I can acheive near 80% coverage. And of course I look very cute.I also have a new tactic with Tumo-veli: to push him in the face.
Sometimes it works. He has been much gentler recently which is good because he is a big soppy lump and it does hurt when he jumps on me.
And here is Harris-veli looking very cute. He still hides a lot (especially from Tuomo-veli) and really should learn that it is safe to come out. At night he tries to snuggle up to Stran-veli. We all do!
I found a new toy - this was from Carolyn-täti to Aila-sisko. She decided it was dirty and threw it in the water bowl back in England so Äiti hid it. But of course I found it!


Reese =^..^= said...

Those are some awfully cute pictures!

Angel Ginger Jasper said...

Hello your fluffiness. Those are some cute as a button pictures.. I love the one with your paws on the face..

Glad you are recovering ok, bandages or not..

Hugs GJ xx

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:

Thank you! I have been allowed out of prison all evening and the freedom is lovely. I know the bandage is good for me - but it's not fun!

Purrs to you both

The Creek Cats said...

Hi Punapippuri! Our mom had to redo Maggie's bandages a lot and even had to fit a sock over it to keep her from chewing the stitches.

Carolyn said...

The photo with the face pushing is the funniest thing I have seen in ages!