Saturday, 11 July 2009

I have had a very busy week hosting more visitors; friends of Äiti's who needed introducing to my wonderful kingdom. I had a very important job catching mosquitoes when they actually bothered to take me into the garden to help supervise them. We spent most of the week waiting for them to come home to see us. Everyone was quite unsettled and Tuomo-veli and Aila-sisko have had two real screeching fightsso äiti is really worried and got some stuff called 'Feliway' for us all. It smells lovely but I am not sure what it remnds me off, but it makes me want to snuggle up. This is hard when Tuomo-veli wants to play and clamps his jaws around my head. In fact I have picked up an injury and am limping badly - my rear right paw is hurting a lot and Äiti says I must rest but it is hard to do so. The King Kitty Cat of Finland (North) does not want to laze around, he has to make sure all is well and investigate everything. For instance last night we had a visitor.
I made sure he had honourable intentions and then let him eat some of our farewell feast (poro - what luxury for a spikey little siili !). An then I had to check the table was all clear too.
So rest is not easy but I must admit I am a little bit fed up with hopping around.


Catnapped said...

We, the mighty Catnapped Girls are vewy VEWY sorry about your leg injury.

But, on the other hand, we are REALLY jealous about the poro.

And the siili too.

We have only mosquitos to catch. Boring. Our sister Moona has h
unted all the mice of Ruukki, Finland.

The Katnapped Kittens complain that their mom has just stopped breastfeeding, only after ONE YEAR (!!!!). We have read from the INTERNET (imetystukipalsta) that breastfeeding can continue up to three (3) years of age !

To compensate somewhat, however, we got a brand new cat tree. It is nice but cannot compensate for the motherly love...

Love, Aada

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:

You had milk for a YEAR!!!! I do not know what happened to my cat-äiti but she disappeared after 6 weeks :((((( Maybe this has made my bones and muscles weak and now my human Äiti must feed me lots of poro to make it better. Äiti and her friends did think that sometimes my leg was worse, for instance at feeding time apparently the limp had gone. Höpö höpö!
Oh and I decided not to hunt siili as he was very very spikey. I shall let Tuomo-veli catch him instead.