Tuesday, 14 July 2009

I have had a magnificent sleep, and am pleased to see that Stran-veli has been keeping my lines of communication going. Thank you for your good wishes. Yesterday was very traumatic as I had to go in The Box of Doom. I made sure that I made a lot of noise all the way into town: Äiti was quite surprised I had such a melodic voice which I could project at many decibels. I was so well behaved at the vet's and it is not true that my limp disappeaered when I ran across the room to be with my favourite orava, which I then cuddled. Huh!
My knee has a naughty little bone, and this patella has luxated. This is a grand word, and even Äiti has just learnt it. Becuase of my athletic leaps and jumps I landed on my leg and it twisted so the patella has moved, and it should move back soon to stay in its proper place. Ystävämme eläinlääkäri said it had moved back yesterday and she showed Äiti how to move my leg to help it - I do not remember this as I was sleeping. In fact I fell asleep quite quickly and when I woke up this morning I found I was fluffy and my fur felt light - someone has been combing me ! I must admit it does feel quite nice to have less itchy fur.
Äiti said I had a röntgen and it showed there were no broken bones, and my legs and hips of course look perfect. She did say however I need to go to the toilet. This is information that should not be shared - such things are not to be known about King Kitty-Cat of Finland (North). And she gave me some revolting medicine to 'help'. I shall have my revenge by making the royal litter tray very, very stinky.
Today the naughty patella has been moving again - or has it ? I have noticed I get more attention from Äiti when I limp a little. However the attention I do not like is being given yucky medicine so I shall have to be careful. Tuomo-veli is being a bit more gentle with me, and I got a lovely wash from Stran-veli too. All I need now is lots of poro and jäätelö, and then maybe I shall have a good convalesence.

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