Tuesday, 28 July 2009

I am a very tired King Kitty Cat today. I was allowed downstairs and have been showing my best side to very important visitors - ambassadors of King Kitty Cat, Finland South. I think I impressed them but we have decided that maybe we kings had better not meet as Juuso is quite 'commanding'. He is from a one-cat house and not used to sharing time and space and food! I am used to my many subjects being near me, and I also do not miaow quite so loudly or emphatically. Well, not at home - in the car it is a different matter.
Still, I am very tired after playing, and also trying to climb. Äiti is not happy that I am on the cat trees, nor that she has three claw tracks down her neck from my objections to being carried (that was a bit harsh and I should have had my claws tucked in). Tonight I will sleep well - just so long as I have enough of the bed. Last night Äiti had to totally turn around and move her pillow to the other side as my domination was complete! Oh, and I am pleased to say my diet is better - I had tasty poached white fish tonight. Now that's the sort of food I need in my recovery.

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Reese =^..^= said...

Poached white fish?! Nommy. That will get you feeling nommy in a hurry.