Sunday, 12 July 2009

I am getting tired of my leg and it is no fun hopping. Apparently my patella has slipped, and I must go to eläinlääkari tomorrow for röntgen to see what happens next (I do not like the sound of this). Äiti is really upset as she says she should have taken me sooner but as I have been such a brave King Kitty Cat I have not really shown her that it was so bad, and still played fast and furious. Äiti has been sat in front of the computer trying to find out what can help but there is no webpage that has said I must eat poro and tonikala all the time which is silly because this is what I feel I really need, and of course to have a nice soft silky warm bed and toes available for biting all the time. In the meantime I am getting lots of tickles and some medicine which makes the pain better.

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