Thursday, 16 July 2009

Apparently today is a 'domestic chore day' and Äiti has been cooking stinky curry sauce, cleaning and washing. She has of course needed help with this so I have been making sure there is something to clean by ripping up her crossword and my current favourite cardboard box.
Tuomo-veli has to join in. Everyone is happy as he and Aila-sisko managed to sit on the stairs together for a whole 10 minutes without fur being removed. Aila has a very good moany voice - she can keep a whinge going for ages when she wants.
And as it is cleaning time I have been grooming orava.
My leg is better, except when it is feeding time or I want a cuddle. I have learnt to run down the stairs with great agility pon three paws, and this always makes Äiti sympathetic, and can often lead to a little extra morsel.


Carolyn said...

Good to see that you are taking good care of Orava! He'll be better groomed than you!

Catio Tales said...

Punapipprui writes:

Of course not -I am beautifully groomed and have immaculate fur. When I woke up from my long sleep it felt especially soft and fluffy. Orava is a stinky little rat with a furry tail. Well, the ones outside are, but Orava you brought me does not whiff so badly, nor run as fast. And now I have been chewing him for a while he does smell much better. When do you visit again so you can bring me more presents ?