Sunday, 12 July 2009

Although we have enjoyed playing host to visitors from England and showing what a greatly hospitable nation we are (even letting them use our sauna and eat our poro), it was nice to have a relaxed evening, back in our rightful beds. There was even no fighting between Tuomo and Aila. However despite my paw, I have continued ninja training with Tuomo-veli and am trying to teach him stealth and subtlety as well as strength.
This was not so successful as you can see here he still managed to kick me inthe tummy. He is a very strong boy and needs to know that sometimes being gentle is a good thing, especially when sneaking around on nightime missions under bed coverss for a quick toe nip. I do not think he will master this, but I had a very good time with Äiti again. She was not happy - how was I to know her ankles were covered in the bites of five thousand blood sucking sääskiä and she was a little bit sore?

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