Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Yesterday Äiti went out at 1am and her bed was empty so I could not play toe-biting games. She said sher was going 'bird-watching' which made me think she would hunt some forest delicacies for us. When she did not return at breakfast time we were all starving and upset. We had to wait until a whole four hours past our meal time for her to appear. Tuomo and I were waiting so patiently (the others had just gone to sleep). We were discussing what we would like her to bring us. He wanted metso but I was hoping for lapinpöllö (and especially some babies as they are nice and tender).
And then she came back and all she had was her camera! Not even varpunen. Voi voi! We sadly ate our meagre portions of Latz and dreamt of feathers and tasty woodland morsels. I don't think bird watching is much of a hobby, especially as she went back to bed for three hours.


Carolyn said...

Good morning Punapippuri - I hope you are practising your best behaviour for when I come to visit you and your kingdom. There will be no toe biting next week!

Tati Carolyn

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:

I am always on my best behaviour. It is that Bristol thug Aila whom you have to worry about. I have helped Äiti make lots of jäätelöä for your visit. I really like the berry ones but am not so keen on yucky lime. I look forward to nipping your toes and tugging Setä Al's leg hair. Hehehe.