Sunday, 14 June 2009

What a fun week! We have had presents and lots of playtime. We have also had some really dull, tiring hours of absolute boredom Äiti and our visitors 'went for a drive' which took them 1300km around Finland (with a spell in Norway and trip to Ruotsi which luckily was just to buy poro for me - or I would have been very upset). Anyway we were left home alone for one night so I think that Äiti must amend her itinerary in future.
Here I am showing Täti Carolyn my kingdom. She was very pleased with Finland (North) I think, and I quite liked her and Setä Al so I spent time protecting them from hyttynen.
With one swipe of the paw I can kill thousands. I got bored after a few minutes as there were so many, and maybe it's better to work up your own immunity! Here I am helping this by showing Täti Carolyn just how tender my teeth are.
Anyway, now our visitors are gone so I have to cheer up Äiti as she feels a bit lost. I have been helping with the washing and tidying. And of course just giving lots of cuddles. I have also been getting to know Veli Tuomo better and he is very friendly. He is great fun to wrestle with and we spent many hours this morning spinning around the floor. For some reason Äiti was not so in favour of this as we were.


Unknown said...

It was lovely to meet you and see your kingdom. However Treacle is unimpressed by the photo of your teeth and offers to show you what sharp teeth REALLY are if you ever meet her!

Catio Tales said...

Punapippuri writes:
It has been noted that Cousin Treacle did not visit me. if I had a passport, I would be straight over to show her just how sharp my teeth are. However, being of royal birth, I have no passport as I own the kingdom and do not need one.But just send her here and I'll give her 'what for' (which I believe is the correct South Bristol slang - Sisko Aila keeps saying it!)